Golden Globes 2016: Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Journalist For Looking At His Phone, And Twitter Isn't Happy About It

Jennifer Lawrence certainly made an impression at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, and, just for a change, it wasn’t by falling over on the red carpet.


Instead, the ‘Joy’ actress raised eyebrows when she was captured on camera, telling off a journalist for looking at her phone while interviewing her.

Variety tweeted a video which showed Jennifer interrupting a reporter who was in the middle of asking her a question, telling him: “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro.

“You just… you can’t do that. You’ve got to live in the now.”

Apologising to the Oscar-winning star, the reporter then asked her whether she thought she’d be lucky again, when this year’s Academy Awards came round, though she seemed unimpressed with this question.

Accompanied by laughs from the crowd, she responded: “We’re at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down you’d know that.”

Initially, Jennifer’s fans praised the actress for encouraging the reporter to look at her directly while he was interviewing her, although the tide quickly turned when it was suggested that the reporter was looking at his phone because English was not his first language.

However, a reporter who claims to have been in the press room at the time of the incident has now shed some light on the situation.

Defending Jennifer, he’s posted a string of tweets, refuting claims that she “bullied” the foreign reporter, and insisting it was all a “light-hearted” joke.

Jennifer was among the big winners at Sunday’s Golden Globes, taking home the Best Actress prize for her turn in the titular role in ‘Joy’.

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