'Celebrity Big Brother': Megan McKenna Gives Nikki Grahame A Run For Her Money, With Mashed Potato Rant (VIDEO)

Megan McKenna has thrown a strop in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house that would make Nikki Grahame herself proud.

After a week in the confines of the ‘CBB’ house, it seems the pressure is really starting to get to Megan, who threw an epic wobbler on Tuesday… over some mashed potato.

The ‘Ex On The Beach’ star initially voiced her frustration to her housemates, after being denied food as part of this week’s task, which sees the housemates divided into puppets and puppet masters.

Oh dear

She angrily told the group: “I need to eat. I need to eat food, I’m starving. D’you think I’m joking? Everyone can moan about it, but I am starving. I’m so hungry. I feel like I want to cry.”

And cry she did. Megan stormed into the living area, where she demanded to speak to Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Megan yelled: “I’m hungry! All I want to do is have a fucking piece of toast I’m fucking starving! I’ve lost it now, I’m sick of it, I stayed up all fucking day.”

While her friend, Stephanie Davis, struggled to control her laughs, Megan hit back: “It’s not funny! I’m starving! I can’t eat that shit they’re giving me on a plate. I’m so hungry, it’s not fair. My belly hurts, I’m tired and I’m hungry.

Stephanie attempts to console her distressed friend

“Let me in the Diary Room! Everyone else gets in the Diary Room apart from me! All the fucking time! I’d rather be evicted than have to do this shit. I’m so hungry.”

After being informed that Tiffany Pollard was in the Diary Room, Megan demanded: “Why’s she in there? Why’s she in there?? Let me in! It’s not funny I’ve knocked on the door all fucking day about 10 times, I’ve pressed that buzzer and you never let me in. What’s the point in a Diary Room if you don’t let me in??”

Delivering one final blow, she spat: “It’s not even real fucking potato! It’s shit!”

Stunning stuff, Megan, but you’re still a long way off this majesty:

See Megan’s full meltdown in Wednesday night’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, airing at 9pm on Channel 5.

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