'God Save The Queen' Should Be Replaced With 'Jerusalem'.. Or 'Vindaloo', According To Twitter

As Parliament is due to hear suggestions that English sporting teams should drop God Save The Queen from events in favour of its own national anthem, many people have weighed in with their own suggestion for an alternative.

MP Toby Perkins wants legislation to enable England teams to be greeted by their own anthem in the same way as Scotland and Wales, the Press Association has reported.

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Perkins said he believed England teams and individuals representing their country should have an anthem which reflected their own specific national identity rather than the whole United Kingdom.

While God Save The Queen was the anthem of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in some sporting events the constituent countries of the UK play as individual nations.

Perkins said his motion had already generated a "huge level of interest" and that he would now like to see the Government launch a consultation to find out what the public think.

While his own choice for an English national anthem would be Jerusalem, he said that other options could include Land Of Hope And Glory and There'll Always Be An England.

Suggestions quickly flooded twitter for an alternative, ranging from the traditional...

Others were less so...

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