13/01/2016 09:43 GMT | Updated 13/01/2016 09:59 GMT

Towie's Maria Fowler 'Disgusted' After Picture Appears On Facebook Post Over Cologne Sex Attacks

Towie star Maria Fowler has expressed her "disgust" at having her image used by a far-right group false claiming she was the rape victim of a refugee.

She tweeted that "some sick people" had used her image while sharing a story about the Cologne New Year's Eve sex attacks, which have been attributed to large groups of migrants.

The post implied the image of her on the right showed a victim of the Cologne attacks, which it dubbed "rapefugees".

It actually shows Fowler after she was attacked in Derby in December 2014. The image on the right is model Danielle Lloyd followed an assault outside a nightclub in 2009.

The Facebook page appears to have deleted the message. The group calls itself "North West Infidels Fight Back 31". It claims to take "a stand against radical Islam, Zionism, Communism, Irish Republicanism and the militant left".

Maria Fowler

"I felt disgusted that my image was being used to incite hatred between races and countries and from what I have seen the page stands for some beliefs that are morally wrong," Fowler told MailOnline.

"I was attacked in Britain by a British person so I was not pleased to see people calling refugees 'scum' for the 'attack'.

"It seems that whoever created this page wanted shocking images to cause uproar from 'British' people."

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The group's Facebook page is now almost completely bare. One person commented on the page this morning: "I came here in search of racist idiocy and I have to say, I am very disappointed at the lack of content. Please rectify this ASAP."

Social media is awash with images supposedly showing migrants who entered are fleeing Europe and North Africa in one of the biggest movements of people since the Second World War, many of them published by groups opposing their entry to Europe.

An image of rapper Ice Cube holding an assault rifle has been shared on social media by people claiming it showed a refugee in Birmingham who was "ready for war".

One picture, showing him in a kayak, is in fact from 2005 comedy Are We There Yet, and the other is from his early days with N.W.A, where he rapped along with Dr Dre.