Woman Finds Former Crush Has Girlfriend, Stalks Her With Hilarious Commentary

A video of a woman's reaction to the new love interest of her former crush has got the internet in stitches.

Marian Bull, 27, was scrolling through her news feed when she discovered the boy she was in love with at secondary school had a new girlfriend.

Clicking onto her profile, Bull burst into fits of laughter as she began to draw comparisons between herself and the woman - namely that she looked like a model, did watercolour paintings and lived in sunny California.

Meanwhile Bull was sat in her "shitty apartment" with no heating.

The video above was taken by housemate Hallie Bateman and uploaded to YouTube. It captures the moment that Bull clocked the new girlfriend of her former crush while scrolling through Facebook - and we've got to admit, her (many) reactions are totally relatable.

Initially, she was pretty gutted about the whole affair but her emotions soon turned to hysterics as she flicked through more of the new girlfriend's pictures.

"We don't look anything alike," she said, while holding the phone screen up next to her face. "Look at her."

Bull compares her face with the new girlfriend's face

She then looked at more photos of the new girlfriend and added: "It's like her skin is made of silk that has little sun rays woven into it.

"But I'm sure she's a really nice person."

Bull then went on to find a flaw in the new girlfriend, which happened to be her "really mediocre watercolour paintings".

Bull's reaction to the watercolour paintings

Talking about her crush, she then added: "Oh I was so in love with him."

The best was yet to come though, because then Bull decided that this new lover was definitely a model.

"She's a model and I'm just sitting here in my shitty apartment," she said while struggling to control her laughter. "Our heat doesn't even work, I bet her heat works.

"She lives in California, she doesn't even need heat."

At this point, it had all become a little too much.

Speaking to BuzzFeed after the video was shared online, Bull said that she wasn't actually that bothered about her crush and his new girlfriend.

"I think I was a little less in love with him in high school than the video makes me out to be," she said.

Speaking about his new girlfriend, she added: "Jealousy is a normal human emotion, but I’m sure she’s a really lovely person."