Pink 'LadyBall' Hopes To Get Women Into Sport - But It Has To Be A Joke, Right?

If you want to get women into football, give them a pink ball.

That's the message from the all-new 'Ladyball', which is pretty, pink and specially-designed for women's delicate hands.

The aim is to make the "masculine world of sports" accessible to women, by created a fashion-driven ball that is specially woven to cater to our "unique grip". Oh and it's also modelled by women in tiny shorts.

The site reads: Painstakingly designed to go with every woman’s wardrobe. So no matter what you wear on the pitch the Ladyball will help you shine! So come on girls, play like the lady you are with the all new Ladyball!"

But while the product is clearly a joke (I mean, it has to be, right?) it's going down like a lead balloon on social media.

Whether it's a sexist joke or attempt to satirise sexism, it's certainly falling flat.

Far from a sense of humour failure, the reaction is clearly a hangover from other lady-specific products, such as pink pens and razors, and the harsh reality that women's sport just isn't treated with the same seriousness to men.

Ger Brennan, an Irish Gaelic footballer, has endorsed the product: " got involved with Ladyball because I’ve seen how much more active women have become in recent years."

HuffPost UK have contacted 'Ladyball' for comment, but have yet to hear back at the time of publication.