Jilted Bride Sticks Two Fingers Up At Former Fiancé, Quits Job, Travels The World And Becomes Author

Just on month before she was due to tie the knot, Katie Colins husband-to-be got cold feet and changed his mind. But rather than let the devastating news get her down, she decided to hold her head high and live her best life - without him.

Colins, now-30, quit her job, sold her house, packed her bags and headed to Asia. She has since started a blog and landed a signed three book deal with a publisher.

What a woman.

Writing on her blog, 'Not Wed Or Dead: From Lost To Wanderlust', she writes: "Getting dumped ain’t pretty and even worse is being a jilted bride a month before the big day. But every cloud has a silver lining and I hope I am proof that from a crappy situation good and amazing things can still happen.

Colins, who had no experience of traveling, writes: "Since then I’ve reached 30 countries before 30, moved to France and have signed a 3 book deal with an imprint of Harper Collins for my Lonely Hearts Travel Club series.

"If you’d have said any of this would have been possible three years ago I’d have NEVER believed you. But… I do think that things happen for a reason as long as you say yes, so instead of moping about what could have been I decided to grab the world, make life changes and be happy. I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey."

A photo posted by Katy Colins (@notwedordead) on

A photo posted by Katy Colins (@notwedordead) on