Donald Trump Supporter Explodes On Student Wearing MLK Shirt: 'If You're A Muslim, You Follow Satan!'

A Donald Trump fan exploded on a student wearing a makeshift Martin Luther King Jr. T-shirt on Monday, insisting all Muslims “follow Satan.” The exchange took place outside a Trump rally in New Hampshire, with Kiernan Majerus-Collins, who attends Bates College in Maine, locking horns with a passionate supporter of the business tycoon.

The student, who was kicked out of a Trump rally earlier this month, pointed out that not all Muslims are bad people and that many moderate Muslims live in peace.

"A moderate Muslim is someone who stands by the side when somebody else chops somebody else's head off and doesn't do anything," the balding Trump fan shouted back.

"Let me tell you about my friends whose heads got cut off, their genitals got cut off, by Muslims who killed them!” he continued. "You don’t know a f*cking thing! Pull your head out of your ass! If you’re a Muslim, you follow Satan! Wake up.”

Trump Supporters' Views on Islam

This is a video showing my interaction with some of Donald J. Trump's supporters in Concord, NH yesterday.

Posted by Kiernan Majerus-Collins on Monday, 18 January 2016

When the student attempted to inject some reason into the conversation, pointing out that Muslims are the biggest victims of extremism, a woman jumped in shouting that she'd “just got back from Europe” where Muslims were "stalking me and going after me.”

Donald Trump is currently leading the Republican field to be the Party’s presidential nominee.”

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