Google Paid Apple $1 Billion In 2014 To Stay As The Default Search On Your iPhone

Google reportedly paid Apple a massive $1 billion to make sure that it was the default search engine on the iPhone back in 2014.

The astonishing figure was revealed by Bloomberg which got hold of a leaked transcript from Oracle's copyright lawsuit against Google over its Android operating system.

It has widely been believed that Google had some form of agreement with Apple that would allow the company to remain the default search engine on the hugely popular smartphone.

Of course in recent years Apple has distanced itself from the search company, replacing Google Maps as the default mapping service with its own Apple Maps app.

Since then it has even replaced Google with Bing as the default search engine on its Spotlight search feature which allows you to search the phone and the internet directly from the home screen.

The company also offers a choice of default search engines on Safari.

With Bing now the default on iPhone it's not clear whether Apple decided to do that of its own volition or if there's a financial partnership in place between Apple and Microsoft.