Watch NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Play 'Ping Pong' With Water Ball

Scott Kelly has done the seemingly impossible (for earthlings) and turned water into a Table Tennis-sized sphere.

The astronaut, who was celebrating 300 days in space, showed off his skills by using "super-hydrophobic polycarbonate ping pong paddles."

In a nod to the paddles' ridiculously long name, he tweeted: "Try this Mary Poppins."

In the video, Kelly explained that the hydrophobic paddles repel water and allow him to move the ball of water back and forth.

While Poppins is yet to comment on the trick or the pronunciation of the astronaut's choice of tools, Twitter appeared to love Kelly's trick.

If you would like to know more about Kelly's journey so far, he is doing an AMA on Reddit on 23 January.