Kandee Jonhson Demos 100 Years Of Lip Makeup Trends In Less Than Two Minutes

The 100 Years Of Beauty series has been so popular, it seems everyone is having a go at their own time-lapse videos.

One of the latest and best clips, filmed by YouTube star Kandee Johnson for Allure, showcases the most popular lip trends from the past 100 years.

Did you know that matte brown and plum hues were in fashion long before Kylie Jenner made them cool, with 1920s starlets even drawing on their OTT pouts with a stencil?

From the first ever long-lasting lipstick in 1954 and the rise of pale colours thanks to bands in the 60s, to the origins of overlining as we know it today - watch the video above to see just how much things have (or haven't) changed over the last century.

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