7 Mouthwatering Breakfasts To Kick Your Hangover's Butt

Nothing cures a hangover quite like a slap-up breakfast.

To help rid you of that blasted headache and sickly feeling, we've scoured Instagram for a selection of mouthwatering breakfast ideas which you can make from the comfort of your own kitchen.

From fruit bowls to pancake stacks to healthy Full English breakfasts, we've got your back. Now all you need to do is figure out how to undo those embarrassing drunk texts...

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For those who want to eat healthy (albeit tasty) grub after loading their bodies with alcohol, Alice from Instagram account @Clean_Eating_Alice has the perfect dish.

You will need:

- Rye bread

- Avocado

- Lemon

- Two bacon rashers

- A handful of cherry tomatoes

- One egg

- Tenderstem broccoli

- Coconut oil

- Chilli flakes / herb salt (optional)

Alice says: "Today's breakfast is a thick slice of warm toasted rye bread, topped with a huge helping of avocado chunks with a drizzle of lemon juice, two grilled bacon rashers sliced into small pieces, tomatoes and a large poached egg, with some tenderstem broccoli which I cooked in a little coconut oil on the side! All topped with some chilli flakes and a little herb salt."

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For a vitamin-packed brekky, Joyful Fleur recommends filling a bowl with your fave fruits and some spiced oats.

You will need:

- One banana

- A handful of figs

- A handful of grapes

- Mixed oats

- Buckwheat groats

Izy Hossack has combined wholegrain waffles with caramelised bananas for the ultimate breakfast treat. Nom!

You will need:

- One wholegrain waffle

- One banana (caramelised)

- Banana ice cream

Granted this photo from Symmetry Breakfast was taken in a restaurant, but the dish itself is still super simple to make from home.

You will need:

Three eggs


Salt and pepper (optional)

A knob of butter

Follow this recipe to create perfect scrambled eggs.

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Faye from @Faye_Food_Fitness has the ultimate hangover treat in the form of this smoked salmon and cottage cheese bagel. *Dribble*

You will need:

- Smoked salmon

- Cottage cheese (or Philadelphia soft cheese)

- Chives

- Black pepper

- Lemon

- Spinach

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Iris from @HappyHealthy_Iris has created pancake perfection with this stack of American-style pancakes. And she even kindly posted the recipe, too.

You will need:

- One mashed banana

- One egg

- 40g oats

- 30h vanilla protein powder

- Splash of milk

- Baking powder

Iris says: "This recipe is super easy! Mix the banana, egg, oats and protein powder. Then add milk. (I used almond. But you can use any kind of milk).

"The more milk you use, the more watery your batter will be. So be careful. If you like thin pancakes, like crepes, you can decide to add more milk. (You don't have to add baking powder then).

"Heat up a pan and bake the pancakes till golden brown. (Don't forget to flip them) Enjoy!"

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If you're feeling a little nauseous on New Year's day, then you can't go wrong with tea and toast.

For those who are feeling a bit more adventurous, Renia from @GristleAndGossip has some awesome toast topping ideas which include coconut yogurt with fruit/bee pollen, almond butter with bananas and cinnamon, and avocado with radish.

You will need:


Various toppings

A cuppa