Tesla's New 'Autopilot' Ad Shows How The Model S Can Become Your Self-Driving Chauffeur

Tesla has unveiled a new advert which showcases the self-driving capabilities of its flagship car the Model S.

Called 'Autopilot', this new mode allows the car to be remotely summoned from a garage, drive by itself on a motorway and then park itself, all without assistance from the driver.

While all these features might sound like a self-driving wish list they're all possible right now and more importantly, they're all legal.

Tesla compares these features to those found on passenger airplanes in that they simply assist with the most boring tasks such as commuting on a highway or parking.

The driver remains in control and ultimately remains responsible for the car but at the push of the button is able to hand over the steering duties on a motorway to the Model S. It will then intelligently adapt its speed and can even change lane automatically simply by pushing down on the indicator.

Tesla's newly updated dashboard shows the car in 'Autopilot' mode.

What's most impressive about all these features though is that they're all available via a simple software update.

Tesla started outfitting its cars with all the required technology over a year ago knowing that eventually the time would arrive when they would be able to start using it for self-driving.

Well that time is now and every Model S that runs Tesla Version 7.0 software will get those capabilities.