Alexa Chung Reveals Her Biggest Fashion Disaster, And You'll Remember It

Alexa Chung Reveals Her Biggest Fashion Disaster

Cast your mind back to 2010. A time when it seemed perfectly acceptable, cool even, to rock a pair of black bicycle shorts under your denim cut offs, mini dresses and oversized outerwear.

Yeah, we have no idea what everyone was thinking either and apparently Alexa Chung - queen of the effortlessly chic, she who can do no sartorial wrong - is actually to blame.

Talking all things fashion on Leandra Medine of Man Repeller's podcast, she revealed that cycling shorts were the trend she tried and failed to start.

Alexa Chung at Paris Fashion Week In March 2010

"When I first started doing television in England, I think other countries didn't necessarily know I was on TV and they just thought I was someone that wore outfits, which was fine and nice," Chung said.

"And then I started getting invited to fashion shows and it seemed like I could do no wrong in terms of what I was wearing. So I got really, like, bigheaded and thought, you know what, I can start trends. This can happen.

"So then I started experimenting a bit more and the cycling shorts was the moment I realised that's not what was going on at all."

In fairness to Chung, cycling shorts were actually on the runway at the Chanel show she was attending - so she wasn't totally off the mark.

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