28/01/2016 07:18 GMT | Updated 29/01/2016 07:59 GMT

David Beckham Reveals 2016 Bodywear Collection With H&M And It's A Lazy Guy's Dream

David Beckham is back once again to remind us all why we need to dress exactly like him.

The retired footballer has teamed up for another menswear collection with H&M - this time, a bodywear range comprising of classic loungewear pieces (think sweats, tees and tanks).

david beckham hm

Hitting H&M stores and online shelves on Thursday 4 February, the new line mixes things up with a more modern silhouette - t-shirts are looser, crewnecks are longer and sweatpants are skinnier.

It's how we'll all be lounging in 2016 (well, he is the man that launched a thousand underpants).

david beckham hm

“Everything about my Bodywear for H&M has to be authentic," Beckham said of the range. "If I wouldn’t wear it then it doesn’t go in the collection.”

“I’m always trying to evolve the Bodywear collection and include classic pieces like sweaters and track pants that I would wear out or at home.”

david beckham hm


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