How To Save Battery Life On An Android Phone: Delete Facebook And Messenger App

Deleting your Facebook and Messenger app could make your Android phone run faster and save battery life.

Android blogger, Russell Holly, reports that his phone's performance significantly improved after uninstalling Facebook.

Writing on Android Central, he states: "Recently I noticed some performance issues on multiple phones, and had started paying closer attention to what exactly was causing these problems.

"When Facebook turned out to be one of the more egregious resource hogs, I uninstalled it to see how things improved.

"Not only did my performance issues go away entirely, but I discovered I didn't actually lose any of the Facebook features I cared about by uninstalling the app."

Following this, the Reddit community also did their own experiment to see if the trick really worked with an LG G4.

pbrandes_eth described how long it took launch 15 apps with and without the Facebook apps.

Each test was repeated 15 times and after averaging the results, the Reddit user concluded that apps opened 15 per cent faster without the Facebook apps, including Messenger.

If you're wondering if these two tricks will cut you off from civilisation as you know it, do not worry.

Holly reports that using Facebook in Chrome is just as good as having the app experience.