This Android-Powered Google Mirror Is Basically The Future Of Smart Living

A Google software engineer has created his very own Android-powered smart mirror using nothing but off-the-shelf components.

Max Braun would wake up in the morning and feel the same crippling disappointment we all feel when our windows don't automatically lighten, our mirrors don't show us the news and an AI called Jarvis doesn't chirp up with the day's schedule over the house sound system.

He just wasn't going to let that stand any longer. So by taking a pile of components from various shops (including some DIY stores) he decided to take the first step and build himself his very own smart mirror.

As you can see from the picture above, the result is absolutely brilliant. Using Android's customisable programming language Braun was able to take Google's Now service (a digital organiser for your phone) and put it right up on the mirror.

What you get then is a screen that'll show you the local weather, any recent notifications and even a rundown of the day's top headlines.

To try and encourage others to experiment with his idea and even refine it Braun has put a full account of how he built it and where he got the parts from on Medium.