A Group Of Manchester Students Is Delivering Free Tampons To Homeless Women

feminine hygiene - beauty treatment
feminine hygiene - beauty treatment
matka_Wariatka via Getty Images

A group of students from Manchester University is launching a campaign to deliver free sanitary products to homeless women in the city.

The 'Time of the Month' campaign aims to collect donations of tampons and sanitary pads, as well as set up a safe space for the women to go to during their period.

"Everyone who's ever experienced a period knows the grim reality of them," says Jodie Louise Connor, the student behind the initiative.

"This daunting thought is what opened my eyes to the women living on the streets, no money for food, drink or shelter, let alone any money for sanitary products. The majority of us are disgusted with the fact that these ‘luxury’ items are taxed and feel like we are being punished for being on our period, why should we have to pay?

"Well what about the women who can’t?," Connor adds. "The women who cannot maintain their dignity when on their period whilst living on the streets. Are they supposed to steal tampons and pads? Are they supposed to write ‘tampons please?’ on a piece of cardboard and hold it up for all to see?"

Connor is launching the campaign on February 25, in line with the "Reclaim the Night" march, and plans to have donation collections set up around the university campus.

Anyone wishing to get involved can email her on