09/02/2016 14:04 GMT | Updated 09/02/2016 14:59 GMT

Albino Turtle Hatchling Spotted By Wildlife Volunteers On Queensland Beach

A rare albino turtle was spotted on Sunday on a beach in Australia. The tiny creature, dubbed 'Little Alby,' was discovered by wildlife volunteers observing the hatchlings from a green turtle nest at Castaways Beach, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Most of Alby's siblings hatched on Friday, but he waited till Sunday before making his way to the ocean.

Speaking to the BBC, Linda Warneminde from the Coolum and North Shore Coast Care said: "It was very chipper and just took off into the water as happy as can be.” "He wasn't sick, he was just white," she added.

Warneminde's group gathers data by checking the nest for empty shells. However, they were “surprised” to find the distinctive turtle still hanging around. "We were amazed to see this small white creature with pink flippers," she told CNN.

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