Andy Burnham Compares Himself To Hillary Clinton After Bernie Sanders' New Hampshire Victory

Andy Burnham compared himself to Hillary Clinton on Wednesday morning, following the New Hampshire presidential primary in the United States.

The shadow home secretary joked he could "safely say that I know how Hillary Clinton is feeling this morning", after her defeat in the crucial New England state to the left-wing Bernie Sanders.

Sanders won 60% of the Democratic vote compared to just 38% for Clinton.

Burnham was initially the frontrunner in the race to succeed Ed Miliband as Labour leader, but he was eventually pushed into a distant second by a surging Jeremy Corbyn.

Clinton, the former senator, First Lady and Secretary of State, now has an unexpected fight on her hands for the Democrat nomination. She long expected a relatively easy path to becoming the party's nominee.

On the Republican side, billionaire Donald Trump won easily - securing his first victory of the race having lost Iowa to Ted Cruz.