10/02/2016 00:01 GMT | Updated 09/02/2017 05:12 GMT

MPs' Pay Rise Higher Than Public Sector Wages Cap

MPs are set to bust the Government’s public sector pay cap again after their 10% salary increase.

Politicians are in line for a 1.3% increase from April - just nine months after they received the backdated boost to £74,000.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) is preparing to confirm the £962 rise over the coming weeks.

Under the new package that came into force last year, MPs' pay is uprated in line with ONS public sector weekly earnings figures from October.

According to The Sun, that means they will get 1.3% despite George Osborne insisting public sector pay increases must be capped at 1% until the end of the decade. 

Labour MP Gloria de Piero attacked the rise as unfair on other state workers.

“I’m concerned that yet again this looks like our pay is going up quicker than other public sector workers like police, nurses and teachers," she told the newspaper.

“If their pay is capped at 1%, why shouldn't ours be?”

Ipsa chairman Sir Ian Kennedy said: “In making the decision on MPs' pay we were very aware of the strongly held views of many members of the public and by some MPs themselves. 

“We listened to those views and made an important change to the way in which pay will be adjusted annually. Instead of linking MPs’ pay to wages in the whole economy, it is now linked to public sector pay. 

“Over the last Parliament, MPs’ pay increased by 2%, compared to 5% in the public sector and 10% in the whole economy. 

“It was right that we made this one-off increase and have now formally linked MPs’ pay to public sector pay.”