Kids' Dating Advice: Children Give Clever, Witty And Amusing Answers To The Text Or Call Dilemma

The perils of dating can leave the best of us at a loss for what to do.

Sometimes we just need to take the simple approach, as these kids (who are wise beyond their years) advise.

The children tackled the big question: after a first date should you text or call?

Watch the video above to hear all their words of wisdom, or scroll down for a few snippets.

After a first date how do I ask for a second one?

"Say, 'Would you like to go on a second date with me?' and then do a winky face."

So if I get a phone number should I text or call?

"Call them, because they've given you their phone number..."

"I think call because if you text and she says 'bye' you don't know if she's saying it in a nice way or a mean way."

"I think text because you don't have to come up with things on the spot and you can think about what to say for hours."

What should I say?

"Just text saying hey, wanna go out sometime? It's easy."

"Hey is better than hello. Say hey you wanna go out?"

"Don't ask her a question saying what's your favourite colour or something because then she'll get annoyed."

"Start a conversation about life."

"Say, 'Have you been thinking about me?'"

And if she says no?

"Take a deep breath, you'll feel calm after it. Then squeeze your fists and it all goes away."

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