How To Screenshot Snapchat Without The Sender Knowing

Taking screenshot of Snapchats can be a tricky process as the messages are designed to disappear within ten seconds.

If you do manage to grab the Snap within this small time frame, the sender receives a notification.

There is way however, to sidestep this system, according to PC Advisor.

1) Load the snap without opening it

The best way to do this is to swipe right to see the Snaps awaiting to be opened. You can 'tap to load' but whatever you do, don't 'tap to open'.

2) Switch to Airplane mode

This is quite easy to do in both Android and iOS devices, using either the Notification window or Control Centre respectively.

3) Screenshot away

4) Close the app

On an iPhone this involves pressing the home button and swiping upwards while Android users can shut their apps down using the multitasking window.