17/02/2016 07:33 GMT | Updated 17/02/2016 07:59 GMT

'Coronation Street' Spoiler: Sarah Platt ‘Set For Dramatic Labour' As Her Waters Break Early

Tina O’Brien is set to star in dramatic ‘Coronation Street’ scenes, when her character Sarah Platt goes into labour five weeks early.

Sarah is currently pregnant with Callum Logan’s baby and viewers will see her waters break in Tracy Barlow's florist, as Mary Taylor acts as midwife.

sarah platt

Tina reprised her 'Corrie' role last year

When Sarah then makes it to hospital, she’s told she’ll need a cesarean, which sparks fears in the young mum due to the fact her son Billy Grimshaw died just 24 hours after being born via c-section back in 2003.

A source told The Sun: “Sarah has lost one baby and is terrified lightning could strike twice.

“What she went through with baby Billy was so hard and she can’t face that happening again.”

There’s also the small matter of Callum’s body, which is still in the manhole under the Platt family home.


“It’s an innocent baby who needs its mum but just looking at him brings up so many bad memories for her,” the source continued.

“All she wants to do is forget Callum — but her new baby means it will never be possible.”

There’s been plenty of drama in ‘Corrie’ recently and in the coming months, fans will see Paula Lane’s character Kylie Platt leave Weatherfield for good.

Details of Kylie’s exit storyline are not yet known but it’s believed she could finally be brought to justice for murdering Callum.

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