School Run In Nepal Involves Children Hovering Over River On Dangerous Cable Crossing

This Is One Of The Most Dangerous School Runs In The World

For the majority of families, the school run involves a short drive, walk or cycle in the morning.

But a group of children in Nepal have to use a hand-operated cable crossing over the Trishuli River to get to school every single day.

The kids, who live in the Dhaing district in central Nepal, also have to use the cable crossing if they want to go shopping or meet friends and family members.

The cable requires children to sit in a basic loop or wooden crate and move themselves along by hand.

Children have to use the cable crossing twice a day to get to school and back

According to Barcroft, crossers have lost fingers operating the cables.

In 2010 there was an incident where five people fell into the Trishuli River. According to Nepali Times, villagers fell after the cable snapped mid-way.

Following the incident, the high wires have been improved with the addition of supporting pillars or by upgrading the boxes.

An investigation committee was also formed, which submitted a report outlining the dangers of cable crossings for children and identifying places to construct suspension footbridges.

Since the investigation, one suspension footbridge has been built in the area in January 2016, but children still opt for the cable crossing because it takes much less time.

A new bridge has been built, but children still opt to use the cable crossing

One of the locals, Shreyasa Kumar, said when the river is flooded, she and her children avoid the cable and take the suspension bridge.

"My family is scared, because five people lost their lives in an accident that occurred in late 2010. I have children. If something happens to me they will be orphaned," she told Barcroft.

Nepal's Prime Minister K. P. Oli announced in January a two-year plan to replace these dangerous cable crossings with 366 suspension bridges in the surrounding area.


And you think YOU struggle with the school run!

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