18/02/2016 09:35 GMT | Updated 18/02/2016 09:59 GMT

Parents Reveal The Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Said: 'I Won't Put You In The Washing Machine'

Parents have shared some of the weirdest things that have come out of their kids' mouths, using the Whisper app that lets you make anonymous confessions.

Watch the video above to hear all the strange comments revealed.

Here are a few of our favourites.

"Dad, I used your toothbrush to brush the dog's teeth."


"It's okay I love you so I might not put you in the washing machine tonight."

"Mum you're old like a tree and going to die soon."


"You're a terrible cook but I eat your food because I don't want to hurt your feelings."

"The moon is a stalker because it's always following me."


The Crazy Things Kids Say

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