Volvo Car Keys Will Become History As Company Announces Keyless Cars In 2017

Volvo has announced that in 2017 it will become the first car company to offer a car without a key.

Instead the company will offer customers the option to have a smartphone app instead which will act as a digital key. The smartphone uses Bluetooth to connect to the car and transfer over a digital key which then lets you control key functions.

Like a normal key you'll be able to lock/unlock the car, open the boot and allow the engine to be started.

What makes the digital key special though is its versatility. A person can, for example, have multiple digital keys stored on the smartphone app allowing them to access multiple Volvo cars.

The digital key could also be shared with other people so if you want to let a friend borrow the car for the weekend then you can securely hand over control.

“Our innovative digital key technology has the potential to completely change how a Volvo can be accessed and shared. Instead of sitting idle in a parking lot the entire day, cars could be used more often and efficiently by whoever the owner wishes.” said Henrik Green, Vice President of Product Strategy & Vehicle Line Management.

The feature will be trialled this year for car rental, allowing people to download the app, gain access to the car for a limited time and then have the key access removed as soon as their rental period is up.

Volvo then plans to roll out the keyless option on a number of vehicles commercially in 2017.

If the thought of a keyless car worries you then don't worry, they will be offering a physical key if you'd prefer.

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