22/02/2016 03:38 GMT | Updated 21/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Sacha Baron Cohen Gets In Character For Grimsby Premiere

Nobby Grimsby - played by Sacha Baron Cohen - will make a special appearance at the London premiere of his new film Grimsby.

Baron Cohen, creator of Borat, Bruno and Ali G, will arrive on the red carpet in Leicester Square as Norman "Nobby" Grimsby, a perpetually unemployed but fun-loving football fan who finds himself tasked with saving the world.

Previous public appearances by Nobby at premieres in Paris and Amsterdam have seen him in socks and sandals, side-burns, England football shirts, denim cut-offs and tucked-in T-shirts - sporting a paunch and sometimes a beer can.

He will be joined on the red carpet by actress Isla Fisher - who is married to Baron Cohen - as well as co-star Mark Strong and director Louis Leterrier.

The film follows father-of-nine Nobby from Grimsby, who is happily settled with his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson). 

But the one thing missing is his little brother Sebastian (Strong), from whom he was separated as a child. So 28 years later, he tracks Sebastian down - but is unaware that he is a MI6 assassin. 

As events unfold, they must defeat a plot to destroy the world. 

Actor and comedian Baron Cohen has made a habit of appearing on the red carpet in character. 

In 2012, he arrived at the Oscars as Admiral General Aladeen from his movie The Dictator, flanked by uniformed female bodyguards, and carrying an urn which he claimed was filled with the ashes of Kim Jong-il (they were, in fact, flour). 

He was escorted off the red carpet after pouring them on host Ryan Seacrest.

For the London premiere of Borat, he arrived in a cart led by a mule, filled with Kazakhstan "natives".

Fans were treated to the spectacle of the actor as flamboyant fashion critic Bruno in 2009. 

Bruno wore tiny leather shorts and a bearskin cap for the London premiere while for the Austrian premiere he donned glittery lederhosen - and in California, a tight, revealing military outfit. 

:: Grimsby is released in cinemas on Wednesday.