Jeremy McConnell And Stephanie Davis Share Bedroom Selfie After Relationship Status Confusion

Jeremy And Stephanie Clear Up All The Rumours With Bedtime Selfie

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis have been awfully difficult to keep up with lately, but their latest selfie shouldn’t leave fans in any doubt as to what’s going on.


After days of ‘are they? aren’t they? confusion, which involved contradictory statements, a difficult birthday and a ‘Loose Women’ no-show, the couple have insisted that they’re very much together, with Jeremy uploading a bedroom selfie to Twitter.

See? They’re as happy as could be.

Previous split reports began circulating at the weekend, when Jeremy posted a cryptic tweet read: “I have been the biggest mug. I’m sorry for the people who tried to warn me. But you live and learn. Onwards and upwards.”

The duo then pulled out of a planned appearance on ‘Loose Women’, and Stephanie made a statement via the show, which read: “I'm really sad not to be able to come onto the show today and see all of you ‘Loose Women’. Everything has changed for me over the weekend.

"I'm very upset and I feel taking a few days to get my head together is the best thing for me to do right now. Thank you for all the continuous support as always. Love you all lots and I'll see you soon. Stephanie."

However, while we were all then under the impression that the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ couple had called it quits, just minutes later Steph tweeted: “Me and jez are still very much together. We're working around schedules to be with each other. I'm madly in love with him.”

*sighs*. We’re off to have a lay down.

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