Ellie Goulding Condemns Tory 'Thugs' Who Heckled Jeremy Corbyn With 'Who Are You?' Cry

Pop star Ellie Goulding has launched a tirade at “embarrassing” Tories for heckling Jeremy Corbyn during a crunch debate over the European Union referendum.

The singer-songwriter claimed Conservative backbencher who shouted “Who are you?” as the Labour leader responded to David Cameron over his new “deal” with Brussels were “acting like thugs”. Video of the sledging is above.

A gif of the Tory side of the House of Commons laughing hysterically at the put down has been shared widely on social media.

Some will point out "Punch and Judy"-style politics is commonplace in Westminster, and even members of the Labour Party chuckled at the well-timed if bellowed quip.

“Tories heckling Jeremy Corbyn in House of Commons, stop turning politics into Theatre. You should be ashamed of yourselves. So embarrassing,” wrote the 'Starry Eyed' and 'Love Me Like You Do' singer.

“Issues affecting the people of this country being debated by people acting like thugs. I am embarrassed,” she continued.

"Drowning out someone purposely is a new low."

She went on: “I am all for a laugh.... Really am... But drowning out someone purposely is a new low.”

Corbyn’s response to the Prime Minister’s statement was interrupted by MPs Christopher Pincher and Simon Hoare.

The Labour leader had outlined his visit to last week’s EU summit, saying to Mr Cameron: “Last week, like you, I was in Brussels meeting with heads of government and leaders of European socialist parties, one of whom said to me…”

“Who are you?”, came the heckle from Pincher and Hoare in harmony.

Corbyn attempted his trademark “geography teacher’s stare”. “Nooo. Noo. Noo, what they said Mr Speaker was …”

Jeremy Corbyn fixes Tory MPs with his trademark stare

After a 30-second pause, Corbyn questioned whether “the party opposite would care to think for a moment about what is going on”, before making his point: “One person said to me, and I thought it was quite profound, we are discussing the future of a continent and one English Tory has reduced it to taking away benefits from workers and children.”

Corbyn and the majority of the Labour Party are to campaign for the UK to stay in the EU, but have concerns the Prime Minister’s new “special status” has secured nothing new for workers’ rights and that most Conservatives want to water them EU protections in any case.