24/02/2016 04:25 GMT | Updated 24/02/2016 06:59 GMT

Michael Gove Has An Aversion To Quiche And Eight Other Weird Things We Learned From His Wife's Latest Column

Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
Conservative Chief Whip Michael Gove makes a phone call whilst campaigning in Rochester in Kent in upcoming Rochester and Strood by-election forced by the defection of Mark Reckless to UKIP last month.

Michael Gove’s wife, the newspaper columnist Sarah Vine, today spoke of the “nightmare” surrounding her husband’s decision to campaign for Brexit.

But it true Ms Vine style, she also revealed much, much more about the life of the Justice Secretary.

In her column in the Daily Mail – which in the past she has used to discuss her sex life with Mr Gove – Ms Vine lifted the lid on life with the Cabinet Minister.


1) Gove doesn't think quiche is egg-cellent

Gove has an “irrational aversion” to houseplants and quiche. Not a dislike, an actual “aversion”.

2) He never really liked comics

Softy Walter. Looks nothing like Gove, does he?

As a child, instead of reading the Beano, he used to badger his parents for a subscription to The Spectator. Maybe the character of Softy Walter in the comic was a bit too close to home.

3) He likes a good wine

His favourite part of Europe are the “vineyards of Bordeaux”. Of course they are.

4) His friends were surprised he married Sarah Vine

Gove’s friends seem to have had him down as a massive racist, as apparently they were surprised he had agreed to marry Vine as she had grown up in Italy.

5) Gove plays Monopoly with his children

Presumably the Justice Secretary doesn’t accept the legality of a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

6) Gove’s own son doesn’t agree with his views on Brexit

Gove's son is a Chelsea fan and is worried Brexit could affect the number of foreign players his club could attract. Ironic really, seeing as this season Chelsea seemed determined to get out of Europe as quickly as possible.

7) He is friends with Caitlin Moran

Feminist author Caitlin Moran was a guest at the Gove wedding and there is a picture of her chatting to George Osborne. How anti-establishment of her.

8) Gove and Boris love a good roast with their wives

Gove and Boris Johnson discussed their views of the EU over a roast lamb dinner in the London Mayor’s house last week. Also present was the “impeccably groomed and suited” Independent and Evening Standard owner Evgeny Lebedev.

9) He wouldn't be scared by Zombie Thatcher

Gove is such an avid Eurosceptic, that were Margaret Thatcher to rise from the dead with the sole purpose of convincing him to back the Prime Minister’s deal, he would refuse. He would actually disagree with the reanimated corpse of Thatcher. Now that’s commitment.