Schwinge Tetra Super Yacht Is A Futuristic Concept Exclusively For The Super Rich

Now here is something you don't see every day, or every month for that matter.

This incredible creation is the Schwinge Tetra Super Yacht and despite looking like something out a science fiction novel it's actually a completely plausible concept.

Discovered by the good folks over at Dezeen, the Tetra is the brainchild of designer Jonathan Schwinge, the Tetra gets its futuristic looks from a form of boat design called a hydrofoil small waterplane area ship.

Quite simply that means that the ship has two heights depending on the speed. At low speeds the Tetra rests on three small hulls underneath the pyramid body. However when the Tetra reaches high speeds it lifts out of the water thanks to a deeply submerged set of hydrofoils attached to a central pillar.

The end result is a super yacht that gives its billionaire owner the feeling that their ship is quite literally 'hovering' above the surface of the water.

While not only giving the ship the benefit of looking unlike anything we've ever seen again, the Tetra's design also allows it to cut through the water with reduced drag giving it a higher top speed.

Of course when you're not speeding around the Mediterranean the Tetra can 'unfold' itself when stationary to provide more deck space.

Before you start buying up every lottery ticket in sight we do have some bad news. As you can see from these pictures the Tetra is nothing more than an artistic concept.

There's no word on whether Schwinge would be happy to turn his yacht into a reality either so not only will you have to win the lottery (probably twice), but you'll then need to persuade the designer to hand over the designs. Just looking at it though, it's definitely worth it.

If you think that super yacht is impressive, just take a look at this one - The blissfully serene and eye-wateringly expensive 'STAR' concept:

STAR Super Yacht Concept Images:

STAR Superyacht

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