MacBook Selfie Sticks Will Make You Look Even Stupider Than You Ever Imagined

What's the biggest social crime you can commit with a piece of technology? Checking your phone at the table? Taking a picture at a gig with an iPad?

How about using a selfie stick? What then could be a crime greater than using a selfie stick?

How about a MacBook selfie stick.

Despite being banned from many of the world's public venues, museums and concert halls, selfie sticks refuse to die out and the MacBook selfie stick epitomises just how worryingly far we've come.

It's the ultimate in vanity, combining both an entirely unwieldily piece of equipment with an extremely expensive piece of technology doing a job for which it was ultimately never intended.

It's hard to allow humanity any more free passes when you realise that a MacBook selfie stick exists but thankfully we have one left, and the reasoning behind it will induce a calming sigh of relief.

Or, you theoretically could. But, alas, they aren't for sale. They're actually part of an art project by Moises (Art404), John Yuyi and Tom Galle, taking inspiration from society's obsession with vanity and all that.

Click your way through the slideshow to see more photos from the series.

MacBook Selfie Sticks Take Over New York City

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