UFOs And Aliens 'Have Visted Earth' Former US Naval Officer Claims

UFOs and aliens have visited Earth a former US Naval officer has claimed.

Speaking to the Express, he said: "I have never seen a UFO or ET or alien, however I have seen literally tens of thousand of documents confirming they are real and have visited Earth."

Keeping his identity anonymous, the man has reportedly held "senior posts in the US Army and Navy Seals."

UFO trail, Rendlesham forest, Suffolk, England

The Ohio resident says he had a "confidentiality agreement" with the US authorities that expired in 2014, allowing him to talk about the "top secret documents" he had access to while working for the US Navy.

"I do not possess anything other than my testimony and documents that authorise that I legitimately had the individual top-secret security clearances.

"But this is a rabbit hole that goes very deep.

"I have no smoking gun evidence and no copies of anything I viewed, but my job was working as US Navy radio man in communications and the job had top-secret clearance to handle this stuff."

He also commented on the Rendlesham Forest case, explaining how a senior officer with "higher security clearance" described the sightings to him.

In July 2015, fresh evidence emerged as Col Charles Halt told the BBC how he and security staff at the base had seen the UFOs.

On 26 December 1980, he recorded an audio commentary describing how two security personnel who first spotted the "strange lights" went in search of the UFOs.

"At Wattisham, they picked up what they called a 'bogie' and lost it near Rendlesham Forest," he said.

"Whatever was there was clearly under intelligent control."