'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Creates A Donald Trump-Themed 'Producers' Parody With Nathan Lane And Matthew Broderick

The Cast Of 'The Producers' Realise They Can Make A Lot Of Money Out Of 'Nincompoop' Donald Trump

We're all still a little bit shocked that the living embodiment of disappointment Donald Trump is doing so well in the Republican presidential primaries, and so are a lot of other people.

But now, thanks to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', we know where all this has come from - it's all the work of the bumbling Bialystock and Bloom from 'The Producers'.

In his star-studded post-Oscars show, Jimmy Kimmel brought in the original stars of the movie - Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick - to recreate it with a few crucial differences. This time, rather than producing musicals, the two main characters run political campaigns.

They thought they could make more money with a failed campaign so picked the last candidate you could possibly think of, but everything backfired in true old-timey movie fashion.

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