Stephanie Davis Hits Back At Phillip Schofield After He Claims He's 'Sick To Death' Of Her Romance With Jeremy McConnell


Stephanie Davis has fired back at Phillip Schofield, after he said he was “sick to death” of hearing about her romance with Jeremy McConnell.

The ‘This Morning’ host was not impressed with the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ couple following their antics last week, which saw them temporarily break up, following a misunderstanding that will actually make you despair.

Stephanie Davis

When the pair were brought up on the ITV daytime show, Phil said what we were all thinking when he shouted, "Who cares?", before branding their behaviour “nonsense”.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Stephanie has said she is disappointed by the TV host’s comments.

"Phil is in the industry, so of all people he should know better than to say something like that,” she said. “It's disappointing he feels like that.

"’This Morning’ try to get us on as a guest every week, so I don't think he's that upset."

Phillip Schofield

Former ‘TOWIE’ and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ star Ferne McCann has also criticised the pair, saying: “It's embarrassing on their part. If you're going out with each other and have a squabble, you don't have to post it all over your social media."

Jeremy and Stephanie appeared on ‘Loose Women’ last week to clear up rumours about their relationship once and for all.

Jeremy and Stephanie appeared on 'Loose Women'

Explaining what happened Stephanie revealed that she’d sent Jeremy a message saying that she “couldn’t do this any more”, meaning being apart from each other.

In a mix up not too different from the David Gest/David Bowie death confusion in the ‘CBB’ house, Jeremy took this to mean that Stephanie couldn’t hack their relationship any more.

But rather than actually talking it through before they could realise their mistake, Jeremy rushed to social media to reveal his heartbreak, and they both issued public statements confirming their break up.

Eventually they realised it was a case of crossed wires, and reunited, much to the, errrrrm, delight of fans.

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