David Cameron Punishes Everyone With Terrible 'Acropolis Now' Joke At PMQs

This Might Be The Worst Joke At PMQs Ever

Jokes during prime minister's questions are never really that good. But David Cameron managed to lower the bar significantly on Wednesday.

Taking a pop at Jeremy Corbyn's economic policy, the prime minister told MPs: "Because I regularly subscribe to the Islington Tribune, I can announce to the House his latest economic adviser, Mr Yanis Varoufakis.

"He was the Greek finance minister who left his economy in ruins. That is Labour's policy in two words: Acropolis Now."

Corbyn told his local newspaper last week that he was bringing on Varoufakis to advise him on Labour economic policy.

Cameron's attempt to crowbar a Greek pun into an answer after being asked about childcare did not go down that well with those watching.

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