Mum Bills 23-Year-Old Son £20K For Cleaning, Food And Being An 'A******'


An "unappreciated" mother has invoiced her son roughly £20,000 after financially supporting him for 13 months and not getting any recognition for it.

The hilarious bill included a $1000 (Canadian Dollars) charge - that's approximately £520 - for being an "asshole".

The invoice is "for services delivered free of charge in the last 13 months alone" as well as for the tuition fees she has paid for over the past five years.

Reddit user Chalipo said his mum charged for things like internet and TV, groceries, contributions towards gifts for family occasions, prescription payments, cleaning and being driven everywhere.

The total cost, including tax, came to $39,254.17 (CAD).

Speaking about the invoice afterwards, Chalipo wrote: "This was a very effective parenting technique and it has helped me to realise what an entitled little shit I have been."

It was shared on Reddit where it has since been viewed more than one million times.

Here's the invoice in full:

“Wow, my son knows how to cut deep when he doesn't get what he wants!!!”

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