People Are Not Fans Of Michelle Keegan And Mark Wright's New Trainers

Michelle Keegan can usually do no sartorial wrong in the eyes of her fans (her wedding makeup is one of the most requested around), but it seems they're not keen on her latest look.

The actress took to Instagram to share a snap of her brand new trainers, by high fashion house Balenciaga no less, revealing she'd been trying to get her hands on the sold-out sneakers for a long time.

But people quickly begun leaving mean comments on the photo, with some even verging on horrific.

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One user described the shoes as: "Literally the worst trainers I've ever seen".

Another added: "Horrendous! Just 'cos they're Balenciaga doesn't mean they're nice".

Other cruel comments included "rotten", "awful" and "shoes for disabled people".

Keegan's husband Mark Wright was also subject to abuse after he posted a photo of the same trainers in a different colourway last week.

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Comments included: "Even my grandad wouldn't wear these" and "The fugliest shoes I've ever seen".

Oh, and our personal fave: "This looks like what would happen if a horrible suede couch had sex with some velcro or left over pieces from a big 'Art Attack' sketch".

What is going on with the world?!