Repeating Fast Radio Burst 'Alien' Signals Detected

The hunt for Fast Radio Bursts(FRBs), a type of cosmic signal that's totally alien to us, has taken an "exciting" new turn.

For the first time ever, researchers have discovered these short bursts of radio pulses to be repeatedly coming from a single source outside our galaxy.

Evidence published in Nature on Wednesday, suggests an exciting new source for these pulses.

An array of 42 radio telescopes seeking signs of intelligent life in the universe

In the past scientists have suggested that FRBs could be coming from two neutrons colliding.

Based on the age of the galaxy and the strength of the signal, they worked out that massive collisions could be the source of these alien signals.

However, since such massive collisions can't repeat and the latest study shows that FRBs do, scientists believe there could be another mysterious source.

Astronomer Evan Keane, led the first study published last week and he believes the new paper does carry weight.

Speaking to the Washington Post, he said: "My initial thoughts on the paper are that it is quite exciting, and as it is repeating it is clearly not due to a 'one off’ event, like (say) a supernova, or merger of two objects; they would only happen once."