Why Stepping On A Lego Brick Hurts Your Feet So Much

This Is Why Stepping On Lego Is So Utterly Excruciating

Stepping on a Lego brick can be excruciating for most of us.

Scientists have explained how something so "innocent-looking" can cause such "immeasurable pain" in a new video.

Lego bricks are made of ABS plastic, which is formed of three types of molecular structures that gives each block strength, resistance and shininess.

This means the blocks don't give way under pressure when your foot steps on the brick, which puts all the pressure of your weight back on your foot.

The bottom of your foot has up to 200,000 sensory receptors, which is the scientific reason for why you're going to scream when the dreaded moment occurs.

One special type of sensory nerve fibre, known as A delta fibre, conveys fast, piercing pain, which later gives way to a dull, lingering ache.

If you're having trouble keeping all your bricks off the floor, you may want to get yourself a pair of Lego slippers. Or you could just tiptoe around your house like the rest of us do.

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