Mother's Day Tweet From JK Rowling Reminds Us For Some It Can Be A Struggle

J.K. Rowling has sent a poignant message to all those for whom Mother's Day can be a struggle rather than a tome of celebration.

With all the fuss over cards, gifts and flowers it can be easy to forget that if you have lost a parent Sunday can be a painful time.


Student Naomi Barrow recently blogged for the Huffington Post UK on just this topic.

She said: "Mother's Day is not the easiest days for those people without a mother. There are big signs in every shop shouting at you to buy things for your Mum, giving those of us without Mums daily reminders that we don't have someone to buy these things for.

Naomi and her family

"Even if you learn to deal with that and avoid certain shops or just brace yourself every time you visit the supermarket, it doesn't prevent the harsh wake-up call every time an email pops up on your phone with latest 'Mother's Day offers'. It's become such a commercialised event that it really is everywhere."

Five years ago Sarah Strickland was told she would probably lose her ovaries. She burst into tears.

"The first thing I thought of was that I couldn't have children. The doctor must have thought that I was going to refuse the surgery because of this and she said, 'well, it's either that or you'll die’.”

"I thought thanks for clearing that up but can you just give me five minutes to grieve for the fact that I'm not going to be a biological mum. That's all I wanted."

So as well as celebrating your dear old mother today, spare a thought for those who can't.