07/03/2016 10:30 GMT | Updated 07/03/2016 10:59 GMT

Everyone Is Freaking Out Over YouTuber Camila Bravo's DIY Fringe Haircut Video

Any attempts at cutting your own hair at home usually end in disaster, but one YouTuber just changed the game forever.

Beauty blogger and makeup artist Camila Bravo's Instagram video showing how to get a DIY fringe with flawless results every time, has gone viral.

"Press play before calling me crazy," Bravo captioned the snap, before adding she has been cutting her own side bangs "since forever ago."

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Bravo begins by using a comb to separate her hair before pulling in front of her face. Next, she used a spray bottle to wet the section and twists it down towards her lips.

Then, in a shocking move, she appears to hack away at the hair - before using a round brush to blow dry her new bangs, which look like they've been professionally cut.

"If you have curly hair like myself cut them a little lower than the actual desired length because keep in mind the hair will shrink," she also noted in the caption.

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Bravo's selfies on Instagram act as proof the method works and her followers have been quick to try it out. "Just did it and I look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing," one user wrote.

"I'm a stylist and I cut bangs like this also, but I connect it with a face frame," another added.


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