07/03/2016 10:30 GMT | Updated 07/03/2016 10:59 GMT

Grandmother, Suzanne Carpenter, Joins Twitter To Tweet #NeverTrump

When you're staring into a dark abyss in which President Donald Trump is a reality, it's understandable you'd want to make a stand.

71-year-old grandmother, Suzanne Carpenter, has done just that, joining Twitter simply to voice her horror at the unfolding political situation in the US.

Even her grandson is getting involved.

Her proclamation has garnered phenomenal support with over 45,000 retweets and counting.

Carpenter isn't the only person worried about Trump. Google saw a surge in people asking "How to move to Canada" after his Super Tuesday wins.

Comedian Adam Hills fronted a drive on his show 'The Last Leg' to help Canadians build a wall to keep them out.

He explained: “If I was Canada I’d be worried, because they’re going to face an influx of refugees - and they are harder to look after than any other refugees because they need way more food.

“Plus Americans don’t speak basic English, they carry more guns and they refuse to assimilate with other cultures.

“That’s why we here at The Last Leg have decided to help Canada build a wall.

“We would like everyone in the world to pledge a brick to help keep Americans in America.

“And to do it, we’ve set up a website.”

Enter the Bricking It For Canada campaign, which has the support of Alan Carr, Phil Jupitus, Jack Dee and even Monika from the Cheeky Girls, complete with “Brickstarter” to help the country build their wall.

On Friday evening, the site crashed repeatedly as people tried to pledge their support.

Trump is infamous for his calls to build a wall along the border with Mexico to keep immigrants from crossing into the US.