'Jeremy Kyle's Emergency Room' Aired A Giant Testicle Examination At Lunchtime And Viewers Were Put Off Their Food

Jeremy Kyle
Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle has dealt with paternity disputes and lie detector results for more than 10 years on his chat show, but he was faced with something pretty different on his other programme ‘Emergency Room’ on Monday (7 March).


The ITV presenter came face to face with a giant testicle, as one patient came to the TV clinic with a rather intimate complaint.

WARNING: Graphic pictures below

Much like Channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, the show customarily sees Jezza and a team of medics tackling the unusual health problems of members of the public.

Denis asked for the help after a series of antibiotics prescribed by his GP had failed to reduce the swelling on his enlarged testes, which had caused his scrotum to become the size of a grapefruit.

Denis' scrotum had swelled to the size of a grapefruit

Jeremy was left aghast at the man’s plight, asking: “How on earth do you do anything? Can you walk?”

Viewers were also left pretty shocked when the programme aired a detailed examination, just as many people were tucking into their lunch.

Denis revealed that he had been living with the condition for over a month, and that the swelling would sometimes "pop" and go back to normal, before increasing in size again.

Denis had been suffering from a hydrocele

An ultrasound then revealed that he had been suffering with a hydrocele, which is a painless buildup of fluid around a testicle that causes the scrotum to swell.

‘Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room’ airs weekdays at 2pm on ITV.

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