Stunning Northern Lights Seen Across UK Skies

The Northern Lights put on a spectacular show on Sunday evening, illuminating the skies as far south as Oxfordshire.

Its colourful brilliance was a result of charged solar particles interacting with the Earth's magnetic field and exciting the gases within our atmosphere.

Stargazers posted stunning views of the natural phenomenon on social media, tweeting from Newcastle, Yorkshire and Scotland.

Met Office space weather adviser, Amanda Townsend, put the spectacular sight down to a "lucky combination."

She told the Press Association: "Once in a while the solar winds are enhanced to levels stronger than normal, with particles at higher speeds, and on this occasion it has connected really well with the Earth's magnetic field."

Mark McIntyre, who was tweeting pictures from Oxfordshire said: "I do like our skies by the way - apart from Banbury up to the north. If there were ever a nice powercut in banbury I'd be happy!"

Here are few more shots from around the country:

Northern Lights