Teenagers React To Windows 95 With A Mixture Of Astonishment And Confusion

Windows 95 will surely be to many of us, an old friend. It was the reassuring sound that started our day and the gleaming future that replaced Windows 3.1.

For millions of teenagers around the world though Windows 95 is utterly unrecognisable and if that wasn't depressing enough the old PCs that loudly clicked and whirred their way through Microsoft's 90's operating system are equally as alien.

This is the depressing premise of the 'Fine Brothers' latest video 'Teens React To Windows 95'.

They took a glorious old Dell PC, with its yellow-stained plastic and gigantic monitor and placed it in front of some young millenials in the hope of finding out just how much the younger generation really know about our computing history.

Turns out it's not as much as you'd think.

In an age of automation many of them struggled to get their heads around the idea that you would actually need to turn the monitor on yourself. Sigh.

Then there's the reaction to Windows 95 itself:

"95 as in 1995!?"

"Everything looks so OLD and ANCIENT"

"It's very blank, I feel like there's nothing really going on."

"We can get online? On THIS?"

And most depressing of all:

"How do you get on the internet if there's no WiFi?"