Mums Will Take More Selfies In 2016 Than Their Teenage Daughters

Turns Out Mothers, NOT Daughters, Are The Biggest Selfie Addicts

If you had to try and guess, who would you say probably takes more selfies out of a mother and her daughter? You would, we think it's fair to assume, say that the young millenial of a daughter would be guilty?

You'd be dead wrong, and by a lot more than you might think.

Mothers will take on average 2,196 selfies over the course of 2016, and their daughters? A mere 1,830 or five per day.

The polling from MyVoucherCodes saw over 2,000 respondents talk about the culture of taking selfies, why they take them and finally how many they think their kids take.

Incredibly 79 per cent of those asked said they took around 6 per day, or 30 a week.

Of those that said yes around 29 per cent then revealed that the reason they like taking them is the attention they receive on social media, with a further 11 per cent saying they took selfies as a confidence boost.

A quarter of those asked said that they took selfies because they feel it's a vital part of modern life.

Indeed it's hard to argue with the notion that selfie sticks have become the definitive gadget of the last two years, whether its through their sheer popularity or the controversy they cause wherever they go.

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