Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Stop Frying Pan Oil From Splattering On Him

There's nothing worse than when you're frying up tasty bacon and the oil pan spits at you.

Short of wearing a bee-keeping outfit or buying a snazzy splatter guard (yes they exist), you're at high risk of burning yourself every time you get that frying pan out.

And boy does it hurt.

Thankfully for us, one inventive soul has taken splatter matters into his own hands and created a device which enables him to fry up some tasty treats without the peril...

Yep that's right, he has made a ridiculously long cooking implement - which reaches all the way outside.

The hilarious clip was uploaded by Imgur user '0liv3' with the caption: "When the oil starts poppin."

Desperate times call for desperate life hacks.

Remove fat from a casserole or sauce with an ice cube...

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