14/04/2016 15:23 BST | Updated 15/04/2017 06:12 BST

Flat-Pack Assembly A Surprisingly Useful Skill In Space Says Tim Peake

Astronaut Tim Peake has said that being able to assemble an Ikea wardrobe is one of the skills which has helped him most in space.

Speaking on board the International Space Station (ISS), the British astronaut said that being able to build flat-pack furniture was an unexpected skill that has proved most useful in space - claiming the work involved is similar to what he does on his mission.

Major Peake, 44, a father of two from Chichester, West Sussex, said: "The ability to put together an Ikea wardrobe is probably one of the unexpected skills.

"The ability to be able to operate with tools and equipment, to read procedures efficiently and effectively - that's our day-to-day operation and that's something we have to be good at."

Major Peake made the comments as part of a live video call with teachers from the UK, Norway and Poland.

His response was to a question asked by Tom Holloway, a science teacher at Hillcroft Primary School, Caterham, Surrey, about which skills had been surprisingly useful in space.

Major Peake added: "There's not much in the space business that is unexpected, and I guess that's a good thing."

The European Space Agency astronaut is also conducting a series of experiments on himself to help scientists understand the impact of space flight on the human body, to help in future missions to Mars.